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03/04/2018Lee Hess Worry in a World of Trouble
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 6:25-34
Worry is not the response of faith to troubles; faith presses on with God's priorities.
Download Worry_in_a_World_of_Trouble.mp3
02/11/2018Lee Hess Spiritual Fasting
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 6:16-18
How we should and should not fast, and how we should think about fasting.
Download Spiritual_Fasting.mp3
02/04/2018Lee Hess The Lord's Prayer, Part 2
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 6:11-15
The petitions: for life's necessities, those built upon a forgiving disposition, and to avoid our dangers.
Download The_Lords_Prayer_Part_2.mp3
01/28/2018Lee Hess The Lord's Prayer
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 6:9-10
The approach and appeals in this prayer.
Download The_Lords_Prayer.mp3
01/21/2018Lee Hess Christ's Church God's Way
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew Acts 4:32=5:24
Characteristics of the infant church, why it was in need of purifying, and the principles the church must follow to represent Christ's church God's way.
Download The_Lords_Prayer(1).mp3
01/07/2018Lee Hess Remember the Lord Your God
Topical Study -- Christian Living Deuteronomy 8
What does it mean to forget the Lord? How can our prosperity create the peril of forgetting the Lord.
Download Remember_the_Lord_Your_God.mp3

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