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04/16/2017Lee Hess The Bodily Resurrection
Seasonal Sermon Selected Scriptures
What kind of resurrection the believer will experience, what the body will be like, and how this doctrine affects us now.
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03/19/2017Lee Hess God's Word Divides and Defines
Topical Study -- Christian Living 2 Kings 8:19-21
There are two ways to live, and Jesus identifies with the group that listens to God's Word. He purposes to make the divide known.
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03/12/2017Lee Hess You Shall Not Commit Adultery Part 2
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:27-30
Recognize the deep power of sin; radically amputate that which leads to sin; remember the cross; rely on the Spirit; reflect on what Jesus is doing with the law.
Download You_Shall_Not_Commit_Adultery_Part_2.mp3
03/05/2017Lee Hess You Shall Not Commit Adultery Part 1
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:27-30
Who has broken this commandment? What do lustful looks indicate? What approach is needed to successfully combat the power of sin?
Download You_Shall_Not_Commit_Adultery_Part_1.mp3
02/26/2017Lee Hess You Shall Not Murder
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:21-26
How did the Scribes and Pharisees reduce the true meaning of this command? How does Jesus express it's true breadth? With regard to the worship of God, what does Jesus indicate the 6th commandment implies?
Download You_Shall_Not_Murder.mp3
02/19/2017Lee Hess The True Intent of the Law
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:21-22
What Christ means when He uses the formula "You have heard . . . but I say . . . ."If someone has not killed someone, has he kept this commandment? Why the aim behind Christian conduct is to be understood as freeing and no burdensome.
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