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06/24/2018Lee Hess The Need for Discernment
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 7:6
Why we need the instruction found in this text, what Jesus is referring to when He speaks of "holy", "dogs", "pearls", and "pigs", plus principles and applications.
Download The_Need_for_Discernment.mp3
06/03/2018Lee Hess Christian Fellowship
Topical Study -- Christian Living Selected Scriptures
The misconception, meaning, means and method of true Christian fellowship.
Download Christian_Fellowship.mp3
05/27/2018Lee Hess Abiding and Fruitfulness (Part 3)
Topical Study -- Christian Living John 15:1-11
The "hows" of abiding, discerning we are abiding, and the fruit which results from abiding.
Download Abiding_and_Fruitfulness_Part_3.mp3
05/20/2018Lee Hess Abiding and Fruitfulness Part 2
Topical Study -- Christian Living John 15:1-11
Why the Lord graciously gives inducements to abide to the Christian. However, the Christian who does not abide will suffer great loss.
Download Abidng_and_Fruitfulness_Part_2.mp3
05/13/2018Lee Hess Abiding and Fruitfulness Part 1
Topical Study -- Christian Living John 15:1-11
God is vitally interested in the Christian bearing fruit, and abiding in Christ is necessary to do this. Christians are given inducements to abide in Christ, and the Christian who does not abide suffers great loss.
Download Abiding_and_Fruitfulness_Part_1.mp3
05/06/2018Lee Hess The Most Excellent Way to Live and Minister
Topical Study -- Christian Living 1 Corinthians 13:1-8a
What happens when a Christian lives and ministers to others without love? What happens to the Christian community, even with great giftedness?
Download The_Most_Excellent_Way_to_Minister.mp3

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