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08/13/2017Lee Hess How Not to Pray
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 6:5-8
The fearsome reality that prayer unveils, and the wrong way to pray.
Download How_Not_to_Pray.mp3
08/06/2017Lee Hess The Practice of Righteousness
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew
Jesus describes the practice of righteousness, which is both displayed and hidden.
Download The_Practice_of_Righteousness.mp3
07/30/2017Lee Hess Love Your Enemies
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:43-48
How the traditional teaching of the religious leaders distorted the law of God, and how Jesus' teaching on love was different. Also, what is meant by "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect".
Download Love_Your_Enemies.mp3
07/23/2017Lee Hess Sons of the Heavenly Father
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:43-48
Sons of the Heavenly Father are distinct from other, live an extraordinary life, and seek to be perfect.
Download Sons_of_the_Heavenly_Father.mp3
07/16/2017Lee Hess An Eye for an Eye
Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:38-42
How the spiritual leaders misinterpreted "an eye for an eye . . .". The rights Chrisitans must hold loosely. What the Christian is to avoid and what the Christian must have to live the Christian life.
Download An_Eye_For_An_Eye.mp3
07/09/2017Lee Hess Three Form the Christian Life Takes
Sermon on the Mount Study Matthew 5:38-42
The Christian life is very much about righteousness, and concerned about attitudes.
Download Three_Forms_the_Christian_Life_Takes.mp3

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