Recommended Yarns & Those to Avoid

The type of yarn used in each octopus is very important.  It should not contain metal threads, sequins, etc.  It must be 100% cotton, and NOT MERCERIZED. "Kitchen" cotton yarns do NOT work well.  Pastel, "happy" colors work best.  Try to stay away from bright dark colors, or browns, grays, etc. with one exception: babies seem to focus on black/white/red.  If you want to, you can make your octopus using these colors.  If using red, black, and white the octopus should be made in blocks of color, not varigated. Example: White body, black eyes, red mouth, black or red, or white tentacles.  Other colors of verigated yarn are OK, and can be quite pretty when the colors are "baby"  tones.

All octopuses will be washed in a special hypoallergenic, non-residue, non-scented laundry soap, and dried on HIGH heat before being delivered to the NICU.  If there is significant color bleeding, it will be returned to the maker to give to someone else.  However, almost all that we have received have been color fast.

Below are yarns which should meet these specifications.  Some are in the store, and some are online only. It is best to contact the store first to see if they carry the yarn in their store before going there.  If not, they should have it online.  (Note:  Stores may also carry other yarns which are not recommended for this project).

I Love This Cotton! Yarn   Wt:  4-Med     Hobby Lobby    

Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme   (Solids, Batik, and Splash)   Wt.  4 -Med           Yarn

Lily Sugar 'n Creme -- this yarn can be subject to darker colors bleeding

Lily Peaches 'n Creme -- Walmart  -- this yarn can be subject to darker colors bleeding

Universal Yarn Supreme DK  (Solids and Sea Spray)     Wt:  3-Light

Debbie Bliss Eco Fair Trade Collection   100% Organic   Wt:  3-Light

NOT Recommended Yarns  (color rubbing off, roughness, hard to maintain tension, mercerized)

Paton's Grace      Wt:  3 Light     -- Mercerized

Bernat Handicraft

Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton

Lion's Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn      Wt:  4-Med    

Knit Picks Dishie Yarn

Red Heart de la Creme         Wt:  4-Med         

Omega Sinfonia      Wt:  3-Light   

Paton's 100% Cotton 4 ply  Super Fine Weight  -- But, OK to use for embroidery

Fillers -- MUST always be new, not reused.  Fill the octopus body so that it is firm and does not concave when pressure is put on the body with the length of your index finger (not pushing down with the tip of your finger).  Fibers tend to soft and collapse a bit when washed, so the octopus needs to be stuffed very, very full before sewing the lining closed.

Fairfield Polyfil Premium     Joann, Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, Walmart

Fairfield Crafters Dry Fiber Fill

Fairfield Ply-Fil Supreme Filler Plush Fiber Fill

Pellon Perfect Loft Cluster Fiber Fill

Loops and Threads Classic Fiber Fill

Morning Glory Premier Polyester

Poly-fil Silky Soft Plush Fiber