Philosophy for Worship on the Lord's Day

Worship on the Lord's Day

Our Worship of God . . .

  • is based on what we understand the Scriptures teach about the church and her worship of God1.
  • is grounded in the Bible which also determines the form our corporate worship service takes.
  • is filled with the truths of the Bible as we sing2, pray3, read4, preach5, and see (in the ordinances) the Scripture.
  • is commanded and is best done by the means God has appointed and in the manner He has prescribed6.
  • is done intentionally to facilitate the idea that God alone is to be worshipped and glorified7.
  • is careful not to elevate anyone or anything so as to not distract from the worship of God alone8.

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Our Worship Music . . .

  • seeks to accommodate the rich spiritual blessing that comes from singing the great and deep truths of God's Word.
  • is primariliy (but not exclusively) congregational because we have all gathered to praise and worship God.1
  • is sung with songs put to melodies which support the message and may not reflect the typical sounds or styles prevalent in secular culture.
  • facilitates our attempts to unite all the saints, of all ages and musical preferences, around the sound doctrines of Scripture2.
  • is collectively sung with the ultimate goal of praising and glorifying God and building one another up in the faith3.

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Our Preaching . . .

  • is central in our worship of Him1
    • It was through the spoken Word that God created the heavens and the earth2.
    • It is through the Word of that God works to call forth saving faith3.
    • It is through the truth of God's Word that the saints of God are sanctified4.
    • It was our Lord who taught the importance of the Word of God for man's present and future existence5.
  • is how CBC's high view of Scripture is reflected.

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