In-Home Fellowships

NOTE:  There is a pause in the in-home fellowships due to the holiday season, and evaluation of this aspect of ministry by the elder body.  Until further notice, all evening meetings will be at the church building.

On the second and fourth Sundays of each month, at 5:45  p.m., the members and friends of CBC meet in the home of host members. Each group plans its own format, but generally, there is a time of sharing food, getting to know each other better, discussing what is going on in each other's lives, praying for each other, and having a group discussion of the sermon preached earlier that day.  The purpose is to dig deeper into the application of the morning's message to our daily lives, as well as to grow in love for each other and invest into each other's lives, so that all members of the group continue to grow stonger in their walk with Christ.  

Older children and teens meet at the church for a time of fellowship and discipleship, similar to those held in-home, but with discussions with relevence to the challenges church members and friends of this age group face.

Members are encouraged to invite guests, and visitors are welcome.  If you would like additional information on an in-home fellowship located near you, please contact the church office at 238-2399.